Hi there, we are sharing some beautiful necklace with unique pendant charm. These necklaces carry a meaningful message with them. If you are looking for a unique necklace, here are 8 wonderful pieces that you will like. They are from Dogeared.

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1.   Good Luck Elephant Pendant Necklace

Elephant symbolizes good luck. This necklace gives an extra luck to the wearer. Feel the cuteness and goodness the elephant brings.

necklace with meaningful message
Good Luck Elephant Pendant Necklace

2.   In Dogs We Trust Necklace

Lovely necklace perfect for the dog lovers. Gold bone charm with gold chain. Simple and meaningful.

necklace with meaningful message
In Dogs We Trust Necklace

3.   I Love Heart Cheerleading Necklace

Awesome piece for your cheerleading girlfriends. Megaphone pendant. Cheers!

necklace with meaningful message
I Love Heart Cheerleading Necklace

4.   Friends Forever Pendant Necklace

Friends are meant to cross paths, share smiles and laugh together. A beautiful necklace which carries the perfect message for friends.

necklace with meaningful message
Friends Forever Pendant Necklace

5.   Good Karma Happy Lotus Necklace

Delicate lotus necklace that reminds people to keep loving. Full of positive energy. Yoga lovers gonna love it!

necklace with meaningful message
Good Karma Happy Lotus Necklace

6.   You Rule Reminder Necklace

Yes, you’ve got the world at your feet! Crown for the queen, princess, ruler, and all the strong girls.

necklace with meaningful message
You Rule Reminder Necklace

7.   Family Whale Pendant Necklace

Unique piece with thoughtful message. Makes a great gift for wife, new moms, mom, mother-in-law, and other important women in your life.

necklace with meaningful message
Family Whale Pendant Necklace

8.   Good Vibes Only Sun Pendant Necklace

Bring positive vibes to the wearer. Bright sun for the positive chi. Let the sunshine comes in your heart and mind.

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necklace with meaningful message
Good Vibes Only Sun Pendant Necklace

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