Celebrate the achievements of your students at the end of school year with these 10 end of year student gifts. 10 creative and meaningful ideas to let your students know how much their teacher care. These end-of-the-year student gifts will definitely bring a smile to the kiddos.

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End of Year Student Gifts from Teachers, Headmaster, or Parents. Pupil, apprentice gifts.
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End of School Year Student Gift Ideas

1.   Message in a Bottle

Easy DIY gift for students. Write a special message for each of your students and fill it together with sand, beads and other tiny stuff.

50 glass bottles for the price below $10. Affordable and special.

Message in a Bottle | Student Gifts End of Year
Message in a Bottle

2.   Food and Transport Enamel Brooch Pin 

Colorful brooch pin is a big hit recently. You can also get them as end of year student gifts. They are fun and cute. Kids are going to love them!

Food and Transport Enamel Badges | End Of Year Student Gifts
Food and Transport Enamel Brooch Pins

3.   Dr Seuss Bookmarks

Set of 50 bookmarks in assorted designs. Features characters from Dr. Seuss classics. Perfect for students of all ages.

Dr Seuss Bookmarks | Student Gifts from Teacher
Dr Seuss Bookmarks

4.   Inspirational Sayings Bracelets

Rubber bracelets with inspirational sayings. Rich colors, kids size. Makes a great year-end student gift.

Inspirational Sayings Bracelets | End of Year Student Gifts
Inspirational Sayings Bracelets

5.   Emoji Mini Plush Pillow Keychain

Another cool gift for students from teacher. 16 different emoji pillows with keychain clip. Soft and adorable. Gonna be a big hit among the students!

Emoji Mini Plush Pillow Keychain | Student Gifts End of Year
Emoji Mini Plush Pillow Keychain

6.   Animal Self-Stick Notes

School supplies are good gifts for students. Kids will love these animal theme sticky notepads. Frog, bunny, turtle, cat and more animals to choose from.

Animal Self-Stick Notes | End of Year Student Gifts
Animal Self-Stick Notes

7.   Novelty Lollipop Pen

Sweet treat for the kids. Lollipop pen to make writing more exciting.

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Novelty Lollipop Pen | Student Gifts from Teacher
Novelty Lollipop Pen

8.   Footprint Paper Clips

Footprint shaped paper clips in various colors. Solid and useful. Lovely addition to any desk.

Footprint Paper Clips | End of Year Student Gifts from Teacher
Footprint Paper Clips

9.   Shutter Shading Glasses

A pair of shutter shades is great for summer holidays. Attach this message “Your future is so bright that you need shades” to make it a super cool end of year student gift.

Shutter Shading Glasses | End of Year Student Gifts
Shutter Shading Glasses

10.   Flip Flop Canvas Tote Bags

Beach bag with flip flop design. Wish your students to have loads of fun in the summer!

(12 pack for $15.99)

Canvas Tote Bags | End of Year Student Gifts from Teacher
Flip Flop Canvas Tote Bags

That’s our list of 10 best end of year student gifts from teacher. Thanks for reading.

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End of Year Student Gift Ideas From Teacher
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