Father’s Day Special

Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate this year’s Father’s Day with your dad by getting him the perfect gift he has always wanted. Read here for our gift ideas specials. From sentimental ideas to funny ideas, I’m sure you will find some inspiration from our gift guides. Also part of our Father’s Day special is the fresh-off the-press 60+ Father Daughter Quotes. Be sure to check it out!

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Gift Ideas

Gifts are truly magical. All it takes is a small gift to lighten up someone’s day. However, finding the right gifts isn’t always the easiest task. That is why I’m here to help. No matter who the recipient is, and for whatever occasion, you will find the perfect gift guide for you to get inspiration from on Labitt.
Discover some of the best gifts a dancer will love. Find dance recital gift ideas in here. Don’t forget to point your toes!
Friends are always there for you when you need them the most. Show them how grateful you are to have them by getting them a sentimental friend gift.

Celebrate your wedding anniversary by getting your partner a little gift. We have both modern and traditional gift ideas just for you.

Graduation is major milestone in a person’s life. Celebrate this special occasion by getting the fresh graduates a meaningful gift.

Start here if you’re looking for the the perfect gifts for a guy. Find great gifts for boyfriend, husband, and dad.

Get inspiration here if the gift recipient is a lady. We have put together some of the greatest gift ideas a girl loves.


Classy outfit ideas for every occasion. Outfit ideas for school? Checked. Outfit ideas for work? Checked. Check it out now.

Fashion trends and news. Outfit ideas for school, work, and more.

Hottest fashion trends among teenagers. Find unique outfit ideas.

Home Decor

Find out how you can decorate your room or house in a certain theme with cost that won’t break your neck (or for free!).

Pink is never going out of style. Power up your room with these stylish pink posters with cool design. Free instant download available.

The dorm room is so much more than just a room for you to eat, sleep, study, repeat. Spice it up, bring a different energy to your dorm room with these 10 decoration ideas girls love.


Learn how you can create a simple Japanese garden at home with these 10 ideas.


We made and curated these meaningful quotes for your enjoyment. These quote images are eye-catching goodies that are Pinterest friendly. There is a wide range of quotes available, ranging from quotes about change to coffee quotes. You really don’t want to miss this.

Six beautiful illustrated quotes about change. Great for people who are going through transition in life.

Get inspired by these 15 beautiful posters with inspirational quotes.

10 sentimental long distance relationship quotes. Great for sharing.