Discover more than 10 wedding gifts for the bride and groom in this article. Celebrate the couple’s special day with the perfect gift that they will actually love and appreciate. Here, we have rounded up meaningful ideas ranging from home decoration to clothing and more. These ideas are perfect as wedding shower gifts to wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.

Check out these lovely wedding gift ideas for bride and groom.

Check out these lovely wedding gift ideas for bride and groom.

1. Really Great News Photo Frame
A thoughtful item that the couple will surely appreciate. A whimsical picture frame with a witty sentiment. News -headline design. It reads “Man loves woman so much he ask her to marry him” on the frame. With this frame, the couple can display their photos with joy and pride.

This frame is made of ceramic. It makes a wonderful décor for newlyweds’ home.

Lorrie Veasey Photo Frame
Lorrie Veasey Photo Frame

2. Precious Moments “Magically Ever After” Figurine
Beautiful Precious Moments bride and groom figurine. Wearing Mickey’s ears and blessed with Disney magic, lovebirds are to live magically ever after. This well-crafted figurine is perfect for a wedding celebration. Like this figurine, the bride and groom will sure to live happily ever after.

Precious Moments "Magically Ever After" Figurine
Precious Moments “Magically Ever After” Figurine

3. Mr Right and Mrs Always Right T-Shirt
This set of T-shirt also makes a nice wedding gift for bride and groom. Simple and fun design. They are gonna like it!

Mr Right and Mrs Always Right
Mr Right and Mrs Always Right

4. Just Married Door Hanger
Something small and lovely for the bride and groom. Two little heart-shaped pillows embroidered with cute message perfect for wedding night and honeymoon.  Made of satin attached with black ribbon for hanging on the door. Add more fun to the honeymoon.

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Lillian Rose Do Not Disturb Door Hanger
Lillian Rose Just Married Door Hanger

5. Wedding Keepsake Champagne Glass
This gorgeous glass is another nice wedding present for bride and groom. Features a functional champagne glass and a removable figurine. The couple is toasting with mini glass in their hands. The fine details of the figurine are amazing and it looks extremely adorable. Suitable as wedding shower gift.

Wedding Keepsake Champagne Glass
Wedding Keepsake Champagne Glass

6. Mr. & Mrs. Mug
Black and white charming mug set for the husband and wife. Minimalist style with scripture on the inside rim of the mug. 12 oz capacity. They are great for morning coffee and tea.

Mr & Mrs Mug
Mr & Mrs Mug

7. Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook
New adventures await. Record your journey as a just-married couple with this gorgeous-looking vintage scrapbook. Keep your memorable photos safe with style and class. The scrapbook’s cover is made of extra-hard cardboard to ensure longevity. Inside are 40 sheets or 80 pages of empty space to fill your important moments with. The bride and groom will most definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook
Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook

8. Couple Suitcase Tags
A practical idea that is especially great for couples who like to travel. If you know that the couple is going off to honeymoon after their wedding, this idea will come in handy (and timely). A pair of suitcase tags designed for a couple. One tag is for him, the other is for her. The tags’ 3D design makes them easily-recognizable from afar — a feature that is helpful at the baggage carousel. Measured at 3.5 inches in diameter, these tags even have a hidden address compartment. They are rugged and can survive a good amount of abusiveness because they are made of silicone.

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Couple Suitcase Tags
Couple Suitcase Tags

9. Lenox True Love Glass Flute Pair
Beautiful, graceful, and exquisite. This pair of drinking glasses is classy and is ready to make an impression. The couple will thank you dearly as they sip celebratory champagne from them.

Lenox True Love Glass Flute Pair
Lenox True Love Glass Flute Pair

10. Romantic His and Hers Watches
Remind the couple of the romance they have had together, and the time they’ll be spending with each other from now on. Watches are a multi-purpose present. They are practical in the way that they tell time — in keeping us punctual and allow us to plan our day; they’re great fashion accessories, a watch can often enhance the overall impressiveness of an outfit; they’re also a reminder of our mortality, and so we should treasure every second that is given to us and that we should appreciate the time spent with our loved ones.

Romantic His and Hers Watches
Romantic His and Hers Watches

11. The Discovery Game
Something exciting to play with the spouse. The discovery game creates an atmosphere that is exhilarating — where conversation, fun, and romance come up naturally. It allows spouses to pursue true intimacy at a pace tailor made specifically to fit their relationship.

This game is easy to understand. It allows married couples to engage in deeper conversation and makes the couple feel closer to each other.

It also comes with a small booklet that contains practical insights for developing a vibrant and lasting marriage.

The discovery Game: for a married couple
The Discovery Game

What do you think of these wedding presents? Did you find anything useful? Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comment section below.





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