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necklace with meaningful message

8 Beautiful Necklaces with Meaningful Message

Hi there, we are sharing some beautiful necklace with unique pendant charm. These necklaces carry a meaningful message with them. If you are looking for a unique necklace, here are 8 wonderful pieces that you will like. They are from Dogeared. Scroll down to see

Unique Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls

Hey girls, today’s article is about Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens. We have brought together 6 unique costumes that suit teen girls. They are cute, cool and not showing much skin. Perfect for teen girls to wear for Halloween celebration.     Mermaid Teen girls

Outfits for Teens – Back to School

Hey there, do you need inspiration on school outfits? Looking for back to school outfit ideas? Here, we have handpicked 8 pretty fashion items that are suitable for teen girls. The 8 pieces selected are unique, cool and nice. Let’s take a look now!  

National Dance Day: 10 Cool Outfits

Outfits for National Dance Day. Hey dancers and people who love dancing out there, this article is written specially for you! This year’s National Dance Day falls on July 25th. Celebrate Dance Day with friends and tell the world you love dancing by wearing cool

Almond Toe Lace Mary Jane Platform

14 Mint Green Crazy Dress Outfits

Hi ladies, crazy about mint green dress and outfits? This article covers everything in mint green theme. We have bags, dresses, tops, bottoms and more, all in mint green. We are sure you’re gonna love it! Read on to discover more. (Click on the images

Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens

Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens

Want to update your closet for Fall 2014? We have a set of awesome Fall outfits for teen girls here. These fashion items are cool, pretty and inexpensive. Read on for Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens by Labitt. (Click on the images for more details)

Back to school outfits

Back to School Outfits for Teens

  In today’s article, we wanna share Teen Fashion for School. We mix and match the above Back to School Outfits for teen girls that is sweet and lovely. We pick pieces that are pretty and affordable. The price range starts from as low as

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