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"Hustle Hard Girl" Copper Foil Poster

Top 15 Cool Posters with Inspirational Quotes

Hi there, we are sharing some cool posters perfect for girls and guys’ room. These art prints has charming design with motivational sayings. If you are looking for unique decor for your wall, here are 15 awesome posters that you will like. Check it out

Cheongsam Design Money Envelope

2016 Chinese New Year Decor and Gifts

2016 Chinese New Year is around the corner. It is time to decorate the house and send gifts to friends, families, coworkers and more. The coming year is The Year of the Monkey, if you need decoration ideas or gift ideas, read for our list

White Openwork Desk Organizer

10 Dorm Room Decorations Loved by Girls

Hi girls, in today’s article we are going to share 10 cute college dorm decorating ideas. Chic, stylish and affordable, these items gonna make your room looks extra cozy. Read below for more! 1.   Always Be Yourself Box Sign Cute wooden box sign with

2015 Chinese New Year Decorations and Gift Ideas

19th February 2015 will be the Chinese Lunar New Year. This New Year will be the Year of the Sheep. Here, we have a list of 10 Year of The Sheep ideas that are suitable as home décor or gifts for friends and families. These

Extravagant Pumpkin Décor

Simple Fall Decor for Home

Leaves start blushing and turning red, it is the Fall again. Need inspirations to add some cozy Fall touch to your home? We have selected 9 simple and inexpensive Fall home decor items here. Read on for 9 Fall Decorating Ideas below. 1.   Gold

The Nara Temple Garden Pagoda

Creating Japanese Garden: 10 Great Ideas

Today’s article is about how to create a beautiful Japanese garden. We have a list of 10 Japanese garden decorations that look nice, easy to get and also affordable. Read on for 10 great Japanese garden ideas. 1.   Garden Pagoda  Graceful pagoda with mysterious

Gracie China Shabby Rose Sugar and Creamer Set

8 Unique Kitchenware Collection by Labitt

Hi readers! Our post today is about beautifying your kitchen with simple kitchen decoration. We select these kitchenware as decorative item as they don’t just look pretty but they are also useful. Check out below for 8 unique kitchenware that we love! 1.   Shabby Rose

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