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2014 Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Hi guys, Christmas is coming soon. If you need some special gift ideas for girlfriend, read this article now. We have selected 8 nice and unique gifts that girlfriend will adore. These items look great and function well. She will be touched to receive it!

The Nara Temple Garden Pagoda

Creating Japanese Garden: 10 Great Ideas

Today’s article is about how to create a beautiful Japanese garden. We have a list of 10 Japanese garden decorations that look nice, easy to get and also affordable. Read on for 10 great Japanese garden ideas. 1.   Garden Pagoda  Graceful pagoda with mysterious

School Outfits for Teen Girls

Teens Fashion: School Outfits for Teen Girls

Hi there, today’s article is about teens fashion. We have a set of cute school outfits for teen girls. Ranging from $9.99 and up, these fashion items look fun, young and cool! Scroll down to discover more! 1.   Multi Heart Top Let’s start our

Grandparents Day Gifts

2014 Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

This year, Grandparents Day falls on September 7. If you are looking for a gift to celebrate this special day with your grandparents, read here for 9 great gift ideas for grandparents. We have a list of nice, sentimental and inexpensive gifts for grandpa and

Fall 2014 Casual Outfits

Hi readers! We are back again for a simple set of casual outfits for Fall. This set of attire is lovely, chic and cheap. We mix and match them in romantic purple lilac theme. The price for the items range from as low as $3

Almond Toe Lace Mary Jane Platform

14 Mint Green Crazy Dress Outfits

Hi ladies, crazy about mint green dress and outfits? This article covers everything in mint green theme. We have bags, dresses, tops, bottoms and more, all in mint green. We are sure you’re gonna love it! Read on to discover more. (Click on the images

Gifts for Boyfriend

9 Great Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

In this article, we are going to share 9 great gift ideas for guys. Your boyfriend are gonna love these just-because gifts! These gifts are nice, cool and creative. They work great as gifts for boyfriend’s birthday, anniversary or just-because gifts. (Click on the images

Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens

Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens

Want to update your closet for Fall 2014? We have a set of awesome Fall outfits for teen girls here. These fashion items are cool, pretty and inexpensive. Read on for Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens by Labitt. (Click on the images for more details)

Work Outfits

Chic & Creative Business Attire for Women

Tired of your dull and boring work outfits? Let us help you to transform your wardrobe with a little money. We have a set of business attire that looks chic and affordable. All items shown are under $35.

Dress Like Kate Middleton

Dress Like Kate Middleton for Under $100

Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge,UK, and the wife of Prince William. Despite being viewed as a fashion icon, she never set out to be one. Nevertheless her influence in fashion is strong on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and perhaps even across the

Natalie Dancewear Mesh Sleeve Leotard

First Ballet Class: What to Prepare

Hi girls, have you checked out the recent popular Under Armour commercial by Misty Copeland, the unlikely ballerina of American Ballet Theater? Misty started her first ballet class at the age of 13 in spite of being rejected by ballet school. 13 sounds too old

Gracie China Shabby Rose Sugar and Creamer Set

8 Unique Kitchenware Collection by Labitt

Hi readers! Our post today is about beautifying your kitchen with simple kitchen decoration. We select these kitchenware as decorative item as they don’t just look pretty but they are also useful. Check out below for 8 unique kitchenware that we love! 1.   Shabby Rose

Back to school outfits

Back to School Outfits for Teens

  In today’s article, we wanna share Teen Fashion for School. We mix and match the above Back to School Outfits for teen girls that is sweet and lovely. We pick pieces that are pretty and affordable. The price range starts from as low as

Beautiful Quotes About Change

1. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” 2. “There’s nothing permanent except change” 3. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” 4. “Loss is nothing else but change,

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