Going To College Gifts for Your Best Friend

Your best friend for many years is leaving for college. Get her a little gift.
It doesn’t need and shouldn’t to be expensive, but it should symbolizes your friendship.

College Parting Gift Ideas
College Parting Gift Ideas

No one talks about it, but you both know that the distance between you will grow.
And that as meeting becomes monthly and monthly turns into yearly, the next time you meet
could very well be your 30 year High School reunion.

We have some gift ideas for you and your friend. I’m sure she’ll appreciate these gifts.

Until we meet again
Until we meet again

1. Photo Album

The joy and tears you shared. The precious memories unique to the two of you. Immortalize and cherish them with a photo album that you personally put together. Not sure where to start? Start with your own photo collections. You can also ask mutual friends. You may be surprised by the number of photos of you that you’re not aware of.

2. Her Favorite Music Album

Digital album just won’t make the cut when it comes to a sentimental gift. A physical music album, on the other hand, gets noticed at least once in awhile. The quick glimpse of your friendship when she sees the album you give her many years from now is precious.

Better yet, if you sing or play a musical instrument, make her your very own album.

3. Willow Tree Friendship Figurine

Willow Tree Friendship
Willow Tree Friendship

How about a friendship gift that is also a beautiful piece of home decor? Willow Tree Friendship is a beautiful figurine that celebrates friendship. The closeness is symbolized by the knot at the top of this piece. All Willow Tree figurines are handmade by a US artist.

3. Ceramic Friendship Art Sign

Friendship Ceramic Art Sign
Friendship Ceramic Art Sign

True friendship (or any positive relationship) is about helping your friend to become a better person. Get her a handmade ceramic sign that features a quote from Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh that says “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”. Hopefully, this will help provide her encouragement when she faces hardship in the future.

4. Mark My Words Special Friend Mug

Mark My Words Special Friend Mug
Mark My Words Special Friend Mug

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift that is also practical. I recommend this Special Friend mug by Mark My Words. Beautiful abstract floral design that features a meaningful quote. The only downside is it’s so beautiful that she would probably keep it on a display shelf.


And that is it. Hopefully, this article has provided some inspiration.

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